Sloppy, Rainy, Slushy Day Overwhelms Boston - NECN

Sloppy, Rainy, Slushy Day Overwhelms Boston



    (NECN: Tom Langford, Boston, Mass.) - "I feel like its an obstacle course, almost."

    Getting around the Boston are today *was* like going through an obstacle course.

    All the rain and melting snow flooded roads from Route 9 in Newton to Eastern Avenue in Chelsea.

    On foot, it was even harder.

    In the morning, pedestrians had to navigate up and around ever-growing snowbanks…

    And in the afternoon, large puddles like this one in Kenmore Square formed.

    Some powered right through the pond…

    Others paused at the edge…then took a more timid travel tactic.

    All the street and sidewalk flooding lead to this request from the governor:

    Anything to help things drain.

    Then there are the words of Ricky LeClair…in his second straight day of clearing snow from around Boston businesses.

    He sums it up for us all.