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Snow Fatigue in Boston



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Boston) - It's become the music of the night - plastic shovels scraping city sidewalks and chopping at chunks of hardened snow and ice.

    Cleaning up after Mother Nature has become like a second job for many Bostonians.

    Ray Paquette of Boston said, "Shovel and shovel and shovel two or three times a day, try and take it easy, a little bit at a time."

    James Canney of Boston said, "I guess we're in practice so you really have it down to a science at this point, this is number four or number five. It's like, oh it's going to snow, I'd actually be more surprised if it didn't snow."

    Since this weekend, public works crews have been clearing the snow banks along the sides of city streets in anticipation of another foot or two of snow expected mid-week.

    They've already removed more than 37-thousand tons of snow - that's more than 26-hundred truckloads - brought to their six growing "snow farms."

    Boston Transportation Commissioner Tom Tinlin said, "You usually don't have this every 5-6 days, we haven't had that two weeks between storms that allows you to maximize your effort and clean up and prepare for the next one, so everything's been condensed."

    And MBTA employees broke out the shovels to clear more than 50 bus stops along their routes.

    But some residents aren't convinced that all this work will mean much once the flakes start falling on Tuesday.

    Margaret Kearns of Boston said, "I don't think it's going to make the big of a difference because it appears from the weather forecast that it's going to be replaced."