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Snow Total Fifth Highest All Time in Worcester, Mass.



    Snow total fifth highest all time in Worcester, Mass.

    Worcester has been hit especially hard this winter and many residents cannot wait for spring (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Eileen Curran, Worcester, Mass.) – As the city of Worcester, Mass. shoveled out from yet another snowstorm, residents weren’t shy to say they are weather weary.

    "I’m very sick of this," said Tom Abdella.

    Abdella drives a catering truck for Abby’s Catering. He had to hit the roads Tuesday morning.

    "It’s not too bad today," he said. "The last storm was worse."

    Worcester got six inches of snow in the storm that began Monday night. The city already had 101 inches this winter. The new total makes it the fifth snowiest winter in Worcester history.

    The snow removal budget is about $2 million in the red, although not everyone is complaining - just ask snowplow driver Wayne Andrews.

    "Well, it’s been fantastic," said Andrews.

    Spring officially starts on Wednesday, so people are hoping the snow will melt soon. Folks in Worcester would like to start enjoying something besides shoveling.

    "I’m ready for golf," said Joe Metivier. "Start swinging clubs, making birdies ... I’m ready for spring."

    Before you break out the golf clubs, though, remember that it’s not unheard of to have a snow as late as May. So this storm may not be the last.

    "I was hoping the last storm was the last storm," said Abdella

    Andrews has a different take. "I’m figuring maybe we’ll have some weekday storms, maybe next Wednesday or Thursday," he said. "You know how springtime can go."

    Of course, that opinion probably doesn’t make him popular with most residents, but Andrews doesn’t mind. "That’s OK, it will be good for the snowplow people."