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Snowstorm Blankets Southeastern Vt.



    Snowstorm blankets southeastern Vermont

    Parts of the state had not seen this much snow this year (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Jack Thurston, Springfield, Vt.) - Snow totals from Wednesday and Thursday's storm ranged greatly around Vermont, from a couple of inches to close to a foot in towns like Chester and Springfield, Vt. The snowfall meant residents had to do some chores they haven't had to do too often this year.

    Steve Miller was shoveling the walk to the town library in Springfield. It's been an unusually warm and snowless season, but Miller knew he couldn't avoid the job all winter. "I'm getting a little too old for this four, five, six feet of snow," he chuckled. "So this isn't too bad!"

    Down the road, Tom Lauritsen called the heavy wet snow "sludge." It almost didn't want to go through his snow-blower. "I'd like to have a real humdinger, myself," he said. "I really love this stuff. It's nice to have something to push around!"

    In his 25 years of plowing for Springfield, Chris Crowley has seen both mild winters and years the town was pounded with snow. "This is the most snow, I think, we've seen so far this year," the Springfield Public Works Dept. employee said.

    Even though Thursday was one of the few days he had to plow in 2012, Crowley's skills were obviously still sharp. He weaved through cars and piled up large snow banks, showing no signs of rust in his plowing. "It's like riding a bike!" he said.

    Vermont ski resorts were certainly celebrating the storm. When snow falls across the Northeast, that tends to inspire people from major population centers like Boston and New York City to head to Vermont for skiing and boarding.