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Snowy Commute on South Shore



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Plymouth, Mass.) - "So far," said Bruce Buckley of Swampscott, Massachusetts

    So far.

    As in, "the roads aren't too bad, so far," the precursor to that other phrase of the day: "here we go again."

    Rick Pacheco, of Plymouth, MA  doesn't mind it. He's here sledding with his daughter.

    And there she goes, down a hill at a rest stop.

    Earlier in the day we discovered what is clearly not a secret to people here in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

    With much more snow expected through the night, the plow drivers were out waiting nearby while it was still day.

    Plow driver Jeff Cerrone said he wouldn't be doing this job if he didn't want to.

    And then when day turned to night, they got ready to head out, by their count round 5 of man vs. winter, hoping to get the upper hand on the season.

    Wet, slushy snow in phase 1 on this day, making for a mostly easy evening commute on the South Shore, pavement in view on Route 3.

    Howard Blume said he had an easy ride from his house in Plymouth.

    Jack Walsh said the same about the drive south from Duxbury.