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Soaring Temps Have Many Trying to Beat the Heat



    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Hartford, Conn.) - The city of Hartford, Connecticut has seen 90+ temperatures for four days now, and the thermometer will teeter near the 100 degree mark today.

    So, how are people dealing with this?

    The heat is on from the Carolinas to Maine with meteorologists predicting 100 degrees and higher for several places including Hartford, Connecticut. For people who have to work outside, it's press forward while taking it a little easier.

    Bob Corbett, Naugatuck CT: "What kind of allowances do you make on a day like this for heat? Oh, take it easy. Don't work as hard. Drink plenty of water. Not much else you can do when you're in the sun. Stay under the shade if you can. My guys will go underneath if its too hot. They'll go...We'll work underneath in the shade. Day like today there's not much you can do."

    This is what the beach at Seaside Park in Bridgeport looked like yesterday and it is likely to be busy today as well though not as busy. With the holiday on Monday state parks across Connecticut reached capacity by mid afternoon forcing the Department of Environmental Protection to turn people away. For office workers this is a day to forgo the breaktime walk and stay in the air conditioned office. Not for Mary Stagis, though.

    Mary Stagis, Southington CT: "This is your normal walk. This is my normal walk. But this is not a normal day. No its not a normal day. It's brutal. I usually see a lot of people out here at this time of day walking. You're on your own. What pushes you to get out in this kind of heat? We have a walking club at work and its in my ninth out of ten weeks so I'm pushing myself to get it done. So there are people still at work who should be out here? Yes, there are. Are they smarter than you? Yes, they are."

    Smartest of all may be these guys who tell me the best way to beat the heat is...Retire.

    Don Valeggia, Farmington CT: "This doesn't bother me. Love it. You love hundred-degree heat? Long as I'm on a boat and not working."