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Some Flights Canceled at Logan as Storm Moves North



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston, Mass.) - It's pretty quiet inside the airport.

    Not many people are traveling - for some who are, it won't be quite as easy getting home.

    It's the dreaded word you never want to see at the airport, made all the more frustrating on Christmas when people just want to get where they're going.

    But for travelers at Logan Airport in Boston, snow and ice in the midwest and southeast have created a ripple effect in the northeast.

    "We were flying through Atlanta and our flight got canceled yesterday morning, so we got rerouted through Detroit. So hopefully we'll still get there on time. But a little bit of a surprise," said Krista Corrigan who is on her way to Denver.

    "We are traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina to visit our family (through Atlanta) which is a little nerve-wracking," said Megan DeVorsey of Concord, NH.

    "When you travel in the winter you always expect that, you have to know that there might be delays. It's not fun on the 25th, but it's the cost of traveling on this day," said  Emelia Pastor, on her way to Paris.

    In St.Louis - snow is affecting air travel, trains, and roads.

    Parts of the southeast are also getting blanketed on December 25, such as downtown Atlanta, where Christmas Day snow is falling for the first time in over a century.

    Back in Boston, Logan was relatively quiet, but lines started to grow throughout the afternoon.

    For those travelers without flight complications this Christmas, in a less stressful word, relief.

    "It's not delayed so it's good. We've got our snowboots on though," said Susan Dybowski, who is heading to Indianapolis with her family.

    "It's like I'm lucky because I keep missing the weather. When I came out, that's when Michigan was having their big snowstorm and I was here and the weather's been great since I got here. And now I'm leaving and the snowstorm's coming in," said Darlene Elder, flying back to Detroit.

    Expect more of this Sunday and Monday, when the winter storm arrives here.