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Some Just Starting Cape Cod Vacations



    (NECN: Tom Langford, Cape Cod) - Some people are not heeding warnings to evacuate. Not only are some continuing their vacations, but some people are actually starting to it.

    The ferry to Martha's Vineyard will not be running tomorrow, so Saturday is the last opportunity to leave.

    Still, with the storm weakening, there is no mass rush to escape. Luggage is piling up outside the ferry terminal in Woods Hole, MA, but people aren't fleeing the island. Instead, they are going to Martha's Vineyard.

    They know Hurricane Irene is on her way, but they aren't concerned.

    "You only live once. It's not going to be that bad. It's going to rain, a little wind," said one woman.

    Others are heading over to check on their summer home, and some simply don't want to miss out on vacations they already paid for.

    Some said they made it through Earl and they'll make it through Irene.

    One woman who is glad to be leaving the island is visiting from Utah and is excited to be getting away from Irene.