Some Travel Delays at Boston's Logan Airport - NECN

Some Travel Delays at Boston's Logan Airport



    (NECN: Jennifer Eagan) - The weather that has become a real holiday nuisance in many parts of the country.

    Snow is falling in New England and another storm is on the way.

    Meantime, record rainfall is drenching the western United States.

    Weather in different parts of the country is affecting travel for people trying to get in and out of New England. The main travel delays are mainly coming out of Los Angeles, and a few out of Chicago.

    A major storm has drenched the west coast, especially Southern California. Streets and homes were overcome by rain and mud. Two hotels in San Diego had to evacuate and people were rescued, but at the end of the day every guest was accounted for.

    That same storm system could bring snow to the Midwest by Christmas Day, and eventually hit New England soon after that.