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Storm Causes Air Travel Troubles at Logan Airport



    Storm causes air travel troubles at Logan Airport

    Flights cancelled at Boston's airport during storm were difficult to rebook due to heavy travel during school vacations (Published Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014)

    (NECN: John Moroney, Boston) - It is the start of the school vacation - not a great time to deal with a storm.

    Boston's Logan International Airport and Terminal C had basically returned to normal shortly after the snow had stopped falling, but not before some cancellations.

    Some were lucky. The Coughlins of Sudbury, Mass. are leaving for vacation on time, despite this weekend's cold and messy weather.

    "We're headed to Fort Myers, Fla. to visit the grandparents, and we were a little bit worried about the storm, but we kept checking and our flight's on time, so we're very excited," said Lynn Coughlin.

    The airport never closed. But the airlines did cancel as many as 20 percent of the flights during Saturday's storm. Sunday morning, 13 percent of the flights were scratched because planes were unable to get into Boston Saturday.

    Crews at Logan worked throughout the storm to clear runways of snow and ice. Still, Massport says the airlines decided to cancel a number of flights just to be safe.

    Some passengers changed their travel plans to avoid trouble, as well.

    Since it is a big vacation week, flights are fully booked for the most part, making it very difficult for passengers to rebook cancelled flights.

    The Coughlins know traveling during the winter month can present problem. But they're willing to take the risk.

    "It's going to be 85 [degrees] every day, for seven straight days," said David Coughlin. "Better than this."

    There is no word on when the airlines might be able rebook passengers whose flights were cancelled. One family was scheduled to get out of town this weekend for vacation, but is now being told the earliest that might happen is Wednesday.