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Storm Center South of New England Changer in All Aspects



    I wanted to see all of the overnight data come in for this update in the morning.

    The two disturbances projected to interact will have very  minimal interaction, and this changes all aspects of the game  significantly.
    Saturday:  Very little  precipitation.  Very little wind.  Snow and rain showers, but  above-freezing temperatures and daytime heating (even through clouds) ensure it  melts on roads, all the way to the Canadian border.  No substantial impact,  daytime or evening into the overnight - though this is not really a new development...Saturday was anticipated to be OK during daylight hours.
    Wind and Waves:  Failure of the  storm center south of New England to strengthen takes wind...and therefore  waves...pretty much out of the forecast.  Gusts will not exceed 30 mph  along the coast.  Waves, as a result, will be 4-5 feet Sunday 10 AM high  tide - negligible, and coastal concerns are no more.
    Saturday Night/Sunday Snow: This is about the  only aspect of the storm that will hold - it will be snowing when you wake  up Sunday, with some interior slick spots, and will continue periodically through the day, but while  accumulations on the order of 2-4" are still expected in the immediate Boston  area, the 6"-8" amounts originally anticipated for Worcester County and the northern Merrimack Valley have  actually shifted northeast - a lot.  Interior SE NH into Southern ME and  Portland.  In the Boston area, this means that while it snows most of the  day Sunday, it never really comes on heavily.
    Possibility for change:   Unfortunately for our earlier forecast, but fortunately for most everyone's weekend,  there is finally very good agreement...on the above-mentioned  solution.  As such, the probability for significant change to the forecast is fairly low.

    Southern New England Accumulation Map:


    Northern New England Accumulation Map: