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Storm Cleanup Begins in Vermont



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Barre, VT) - After strong storms ripped through Vermont overnight, roads from Barre to Montpelier were flooded, crumbled, and even impassible.

    Contractor Kevin Major said, "And the rivers they're just - they're rising and it's crazy, it's absolutely crazy."

    Major spent the day shovelling sludge off Main Street in Barre after the Winewski River crested over its banks, dumping sediment in the streets.

    But the mud wasn't just on the ground.

    Kacy Dailey could only watch as water rose right up through the doors of her car - and left this muddy mess behind.

    Dailey said, "Basically the only thing I can do is hope it gets started."

    In East Montpelier, Adam Cooley's car was suffering the same fate.

    Cooley said, "It's completely covered in mud, probably destroyed, the engine's covered in mud."

    But he has bigger problems to worry about.
    The road it was on crumbled so badly that the center line on this chunk of the pavement was spun 90 degrees by the sheer force of the storm.

    Vermont's Governor Peter Shumlin toured the state Friday offering advice to those affected by the storm.

    The governor said, "We've evacuated those that we think need evacuating, but here's the really important message, if you feel you're in danger call 211, if you're leaking petroleum in your basement oil tanks call 911, but please report it to us we'll get to you as quickly as we know how."

    Governor Shumlin has also asked the President for a federal disaster declaration and he called in the National Guard.
    Now residents are left to try to clean up as more storms head their way.

    Tierra Deyo said, "Some people are going to have to put money that they can't really afford out to kind of reconstruct their home."

    Although there were no serious injuries or deaths in this storm, damage is still estimated in the millions.