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Storm Could Delay Production of Spring Plants in NH



    Storm could delay production of spring plants in NH

    Heavy snow totals and cold air threaten blossoming of outdoor plants (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Lauren Collins, Manchester, N.H.) - This is not a contest any area wants to win, but it looks like New Hampshire will get a great deal of snow.

    There are signs all over New England that spring is ready to arrive, but the foot of snow that could fall Tuesday puts a freeze on those early season preps.

    "I am very anxious for it to be spring," said Robert Demers of Demers Garden Center of Manchester. "I want the frost to break; I want the crocuses and daffodils to bloom and come on up."

    A late winter storm has a snowball effect for landscapers.

    Demers said his company has essentially frozen its outdoor operations and focused its efforts into its greenhouses.

    The snow actually acts as an insulator for the ground, but the cold air is more likely to spoil early spring delights.