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Storm Has Destructive, Fatal Effects



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Waltham, Mass.) - The Nor'easter that took up residence in New England over the weekend proved more than just a nuisance.

    It resulted in at least one death; in New Hampshire a man was killed after a pine tree fell onto a car traveling on Route 93.  His wife and young child were injured.

    Waltham, Massachusetts residents were forced from their homes due to flooding caused by the heavy rains.  On Linden Street, the flooding is the worst police officers say they have seen in 15 years.

    On Lexington Street and on Linden Street, two apartment buildings were evacuated and dozens of residents taken to Waltham High School.

    Though the road was blocked off, a driver went past the police blockade and into high water -- he and his three passengers were rescued and taken out on a backhoe by Waltham firefighters.

    Firefighters are pleading with drivers: If you see high water, do not in any circumstance drive through it.

    But damage was not restricted to these two areas -- there have been trees down, power out, and flooding all over New England.

    In Lawrence, Massachusetts, several inches of rain these past few days built up the flow of a brook coming down from wetlands in Methuen, and straight behind Mal and Judy Perkins' house in neighboring Lawrence.

    While they have it bad, Carlos Colon's family has it worse.

    Forget just his yard, his basement is under a few feet of water, soaking his washer, dryer, furnace and pellet stove.

    "I don't care if come and they dig everything through -- they cover up and put piping all the way through for the water to go," Carlos Colon said.  "We'll miss the little river going by, but our house will be safe."