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Storm Makes Messy Evening Commute in Mass.



    Storm makes messy evening commute in Mass.

    900 MassDOT trucks helped to prepare highways for Tuesday's evening drive (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Ally Donnelly, Bridgewater, Mass.) - Around noon Tuesday, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation had 821 trucks out sanding and salting the roads.

    Then that number slipped to 820. A sander went to turn around in an icy lot at Wayside Commons in Burlington and ended up sliding down the embankment and into the drink.

    Prepping for the evening commute, Mass DOT now has 900 trucks on the highways, the bulk of them on the cape, south shore and south coast.

    "The snow's coming down heavy and traffic is starting to pile up," said commuter Al Goyette of Bridgewater.

    Ed May and his crew hustled to finish putting up a fence in Marblehead to make it back to Lakeville before the roads got crowded.

    "It wasn't too bad, We hit it early today," May said. "Yesterday was a mess."

    Bill Kopp drove from East Falmouth on Cape Cod to Bridgewater.

    "Not bad at all," he said. "No slippy sliding."

    New dad and self-proclaimed safety guy Justin Azbill stopped to fill up a couple of gas cans at the test stop along Route 24 South in Bridgewater. He said with New England weather you just never know.

    "It could go from one to two inches to 12 inches overnight," said Azbill.

    There is no forecast for that, but as the evening commute beats on, temperatures drops and the roads become slicker

    There have been two storms in as many days, with another one predicted for the weekend.

    "I'm ready for spring and summer to come as soon as possible!" said Linda Foster of Wareham.