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Storm Slows Commutes Around New England



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Andover, MA) - As road crews worked to keep up with this ever changing storm, traffic came to a crawl at times throughout the day.

    "Between 10-15 mph for quite some time," said one driver.

    In fact, it was a slow drive home for many New Englanders Tuesday night as rain fell on already snow covered streets.

    Steve Tsepas of New Hampshire said, "It's like slush, like slush with ice underneath it, it's just been a mess."

    "The roads aren't too bad, a little icy, slick, you've just got to go a little slower," said Matt King on Andover, MA.

    But the evening commute wasn't as long as the morning drive to work was for many bay staters.

    "This morning I came from Chelmsford," said Brian Fuller of Wilmington, MA, "It took me two hours to get to Brighton, which is usually a 30 minute ride."

    George Jacobs of Billerica, MA said, "I had to go to Westboro. It took me almost two hours to go what's usually 45 minutes."

    Highway Commissioner Louisa Paiewonsky says because this storm dropped more snow than originally predicted, Mass DOT had to change its game plan mid-day.

    Paiewonsky said, "We are able to very quickly ramp up the number of plows and spreaders and materials we had out there so we adjusted as the snowfall continued."

    Plow truck driver Eric Jalbeit said, "A lot more snow than we planned, for a while this morning the snow, we couldn't even keep up with it."

    Paiewonsky says while the rain helped melt the snow initially, it can also create problems as the night gets colder.

    So Mass DOT is keeping crews on overnight to continue combating the potential for ice.

    "Keep putting materials on the roads, shoving the snow and slush off the roads until the job is done so we can have a regular morning commute," said Paiewonsky.