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Storms to Add More Stress to Roofs



    (NECN: Brian Burnell) - It is safe to say that never have so many snow blowers been on so many roofs in Connecticut. With another storm moving in on New England a lot of people here are doing whatever they can to make sure this doesn't happen to them.  

    This is a former Chevy dealership in Vernon brought down hard by snow buildup on the roof.  The service department was crushed. Automobile lifts twisted and witnesses say the cinder blocks shot out 30 feet when it dropped.  It would take a while to detail all the collapses across the state.  Among the most notable... this Pentacostal Church in Willimantic.  Demolition crews finishing up what mother nature started because the building has been deemed unsafe.

    And in Hampton part of a barn at Wood Hill Dairy Farm went down. Half an hour later and people would have been inside milking.  As it is several cows were killed.

    People are out looking for snow rakes to pull the snow down off the roof to keep this from happening at their house or business.  Trouble is there aren't any rakes to be had.

    At Conyer's True Value Hardware in Manchester there is a growing list of people who have already paid for a rake in anticipation of Wednesday delivery.