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Stratocumulus-Sign for Good Weather 81011



    Here we have some stratocumulus clouds. Stratocumulus clouds come in 2 categories: wavy or cumulus like. What we have here is clearly among the cumulus variety. These low altitude clouds form when a front of cool, moist air meets dry, warm air. They typical form after periods of rain, which is valid due to last night's heavy downpours where places received a couple inches of rain! Who else enjoys hearing the rain while they are sleeping? I sure do! When you see these clouds start to disappear, you know that there is fair weather along the horizon! And let me tell you, that is definitely the truth. Tomorrow and through the weekend, conditions are going to be comfortable and beautifully sunny. Temperatures will remain around a high on 80. However, expect some the build up clouds and chances of some showers to appear on Sunday. That's all for now!