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Strong Rain Floods Mass. Roads



    Strong rain floods Mass. roads

    Downpour took asphalt and rocks with it late Wednesday night (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Fitchburg, Mass.) - We know well in New England how powerful fast moving water can be.

    But even here with a quick hitting storm, asphalt gets moved around, chunks of road broken.

    "It was normal until today so after I came from work, this is what I saw," said Sean Sorsanavongsa who came out of his Fitchburg, Mass. house after a thunderstorm passed by, only to see this.

    Parts of Oak Hill Street chopped up, by the power of rushing water.

    A downpour that took asphalt and rocks with it around 7p.m.

    "We have had rain and pouring in the past, but not as hard as this," he said.

    The rain came down hard, thunder and lightning through Westminster.

    Along River Street in Fitchburg, drivers passed under this railroad trestle, the water ponding beneath.

    "The thunder was really loud up here, it felt like it was right overhead, like shaking the house," said Taylor Lacoss.

    He's used to seeing these flash floods in the place he grew up.

    "Fitchburg is the hilliest town in Massachusetts, so you've got a lot of force behind the hills so, it's typical," Lacoss said.

    These roads will need to be fixed up at some point, but this is just the start of the thunderstorm season.