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Students Get Day Off While NH Goes Over Budget



    Students get day off while NH goes over budget

    Last day of winter sees school closures, plowers working overtime and NHDOT expenses rising (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN:  Lauren Collins – Manchester, N.H.)  It’s the call every kid looks forward to and Sean Canavan got it early Tuesday.

    “There’s no school.”

    It’s happened quite a few times this year and at the end of a long winter the enthusiasm for another storm is low.

    “I am staying inside after this,” said Jessica Milton as she waited for breakfast at the Airport Diner.

    It’s actually not too bad if you get to enjoy the snow with a hot cup of coffee and a short stack  Waitress Sue Sciascia says they’d be content if it snowed until June, but really, “I’m done!  I’m so done.  I’m ready for spring!”

    So are the folks at the state Department of Transportation.

    “We are budgeting approximately $39 million for this year and now it’s looking closer to $45 million for the season.  So last year we spent $32 million,” says NHDOT Public Information Officer Bill Boynton.  “Significant difference.”  

    A better year this year if that’s how you make your money, like Christos Pavlopoulos does.  

    “Much better year than last year was.  Much better.”