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Summer-style Cumulus



    Well I'm back from vacation, and it's good to be back!

    Today's weather was quite comfortable. Thanks to that cold front passing through yesterday, many areas got some pretty strong thunderstorms with rainfall measuring up to half an inch! There were some reports of hail as well! I'm sure everyone enjoys the aftermath: dry, warm, and enough clouds to provide the occasional break from the sun.

    In this image I captured on the way to NECN, we see several patches of healthy looking cumulus clouds as well as some bands of cirrus clouds. Conditions like this should continue into the evening, however some parts of New England may experience a quick shower, but it is not likely. Tomorrow will remain at a comfortable temperature in the 70s, with more clouds than sun. The day should should start out on the cloudy side, but the sun will peak out as the afternoon progresses. Perfect day for activities outdoors!

    By: Kristina Oakland, NECN weather intern