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Summer Wind Blowin In



    Here is link to Huge Hail Video from Minnesota Saturday July 17, 2010

      New day, old story.. The Summer Wind is Blowin in, it lingers here,causing sand to sear. The coolest spot is in the water on the coast ofMaine (58 Sea Temperature at the Wells Buoy). But the sand is burninghot, wear sandals until the sand turns wet. Then it's cool to gobarefoot.
     Records Heat to Beat today range from 93 in Worcester Massachusettsin 1900 to 98 in Windsor Locks Connecticut in 1968. In 1999 manyrecords were also set for today, Saturday July 17, 2010. Boston hit98, Portland 97, Presque Isle 91, Providence 97 are all recordsfrom 1999.
      We will likely fall just short of these numbers. But we are on trackto rival 2002 with 23 days that summer reaching 90+ here at our NECNthermometer.
     The wind is from the west/southwest today, gusting to 25+ mph along the southcoast. This wind is thanks to the pressure gradient from a 996 millibarlow in Quebec Canada, and the 1025 millibar Bermuda High. The low tothe north is moving eastward and is responsible for the series offronts coming at us from the Northwest. Violent weather last night wasspawned by a front that is now dissipating south of New England wherestorms passed south of Long Island 8-10 AM.
      Another from comes at us from the north tonight with a few storms atthe Canadian Boarder toward sunset and overnight. That front will alsofall apart as it crosses tomorrow. we may have a spot storm just aboutanyweher tomorrow, with air only slightly less hot and humid.
      A more powerful storm, with severe storms in the Northern Plainstoday, will get here Sunday Night/Monday with another round of severestorms. This pattern of hot with sun and storms is lasting into theforeseeable future.