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Those Who Work Outside, Find Ways to Get by in the Heat



    (NECN: Lauren Collins, Manchester, NH) - Many parts of New England reached into the 90s again today. For people who have to work outside, they are baking under the hot sun.

    There are two types of people in this world, those who like the heat like Molly Miller, "It's good" she says, "but we get a nice breeze going through and we're used to it."

    And those who don't, like Shea Nealon who says, "it's horrible. It is too hot out here."

    At one Manchester Highway Department worksite, Highway Chief Bob Roy says, "you feel that heat radiating off that pavement."

    That asphalt is nearly 300 degrees when it comes out of the back of the truck, and "sometimes it's unbearable but you do the best you can, keep your guys hydrated, give 'em plenty of water," Roy says.

    Even the plants at Manchester's Farm and Flower market get watered twice as much, those who wear a uniform to work get to dress down.

    "Sill,there's not much you can do at some point. It's too muggy and sticky," says Letter Carrier Jessica Albert.

    Parking Control Officer Kris Donati is armed with her water bottle and a heat-resistant attitude.

    "I'll just take it easy and our boss, Brandi Stanley, wants us to take little mini breaks. Pop into businesses, cool off."

    Over at Manchester Boston Regional Airport the official temperature made a run Wednesday at the record 95 degrees set back in 1995. The hot air is heavy, which means planes need a longer runway distance to take off. Maintenance on the tarmac is on hold, as crews tackle other odd jobs.

    'We try to not push 'em too much on a day like today," says Roy back on Woodlawn Avenue, "but obviously the work has to get done."

    So those who make their money outside find a way to survive. "Just take it minute by minute," recommends Albert.

    And keep in mind, it could always be worse.

    "After last June and the rain we had," says Donati, "I'll take this."