Thousands Forced to Flee Homes in Northwest China - NECN

Thousands Forced to Flee Homes in Northwest China



    (NECN/CCTV) - Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes after the Luofu River in northwest China burst its banks on Saturday, but no casualties have been reported. 

    Water begin pouring through a 50-meter breach at 6 a.m. at Huayin City, Shaanxi Province, and the gap had widened to 80 meters by 4 p.m. A total of 6,404 people from 1,587 households had been evacuated before the breach.

    The 80-meter gap was narrowed to 20 meters after more than 2,000 soldiers and residents worked all night to contain the flood waters.

    Torrential rains pounded Shaanixi prov. from Friday to Saturday. Many highways and bridges were closed because of the Rain-triggered floods and landslides.

    Floods in China this year have hit 28 provinces, regions and municipalities and have left more than 700 people dead and more than 350 missing.