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Thursday Late Evening Final Accumulation Maps for FridaySaturday Storm



    Below, you'll find the accumulation maps I aired on NECN Thursday evening in our pre-storm coverage.  Accuracy increases dramatically within a 24 hour window, and we are within that window - so I do expect this to be the final accumulation map.

    Some possible error spots include on Cape Cod, where there will be a mix, and then change to rain as the storm center nears and pulls warmth northward Friday overnight.  The key to the forecast on the Cape is just how much mixing and change occurs, and how much precipitation is left after flipping back to snow Saturday morning - though near and west of the Canal, a very heavy, wet snow will likely accumulate at least 15 inches.  Another potential problem spot is along the South Coast of Connecticut - this is an area that may find a mix with sleet for a fact, I really thought this might be a factor earlier in the forecast process, but it looks like cold air holds firm here, too.

    Of course, the "two foot" area will have variation within it, of up to several inches due to "banding" of snow - heavy lines of snow within the precipitation shield.  If you were to ask where the jackpot amount will be I'd say it will likely be about three feet somewhere in the hills of Worcester County, MA - the adjacent areas of Southern Cheshire/Hillsboro Counties NH or Northern Tolland/Windham County CT are contenders, as well, but I'm thinking Worcester County has the best chance of taking the jackpot.

    Video forecast here...scroll below for the map images. 

    Southern New England Accumulation Map:


    Northern New England Accumulation Map:


    Overall New England Accumulation Map: