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Tornado Death Toll Lowered to 36



    Tornado death toll lowered to 36

    Cleanup continues in several states across the US (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Jay Gray Henryville, Ind.) - Officials in Indiana have lowered the state's death toll to 12 people from the previous 14, bringing the death toll to 36 killed across five states.

    Still, the numbers from Friday's storms that swept across much of the country are staggering. More than 100 tornadoes are confirmed to have touched down in twelve states, killing dozens.

    Clean-up crews are "storming" the hardest hit areas of tornado alley, fifting through miles of debris - all that is left from so many communities and lives ripped apart by the storms.

    "Tragic, Terrible. It's like one minute you are here and then you are gone. It's a bad situation."

    The disaster spread by at least 100 tornadoes that left deep, painful scars across at least a dozen states.

    "He was the greatest love of my life," Sheryle Pickett said. Pickett's husband, Ron, wasn't supposed to be home when the storms hit.

    "He shouldn't have been here. He came early from work because he didn't feel good and wanted to take a nap," Sheryle said.

    He died when a twister ripped apart their home. Sheryle, who had been planning a celebration for their 40th wedding anniversary…

    "We were going to have a hell of a party."

    Now must plan a funeral.

    Across tornado alley, for many, the only thing left to hold on to is each other. And they understand that they are the lucky ones.

    "We're all okay. That's all that matters," Nick Shelton said.

    As they work through the haunting images of what has happened, and the painful reality that is left behind.

    The details of a toddler found in a field are still unclear, but officials now say that the little girl was found near her home, not 10 miles away, as initially reported. Her parents and two young siblings were killed. Relatives are with her at a Kentucky hospital, where she is listed in critical condition.