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Tornado Death Toll Rises Over 133



    (NECN: Peter Howe) More devastating weather hit the U.S. heartland overnight as tornadoes killed at least 13 people -- tornadoes especially deadly because they hit in some cases around midnight when many people were asleep and never woke up in time to seek safe shelter in a cellar or bathtub.

    At midday Wednesday, much of Illinois and Indiana south of metropolitan Chicago was under tornado watch, with forecasts of the greatest tornado danger in a zone from the Missouri boot heel east to Evansville, in southwestern Indiana.

    In communities like Denning, Arkansas; Piedmont, Oklahoma; and Chickasha, Oklahoma homes were destroyed, in many cases down to the foundation.

    Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said, "I've been in office for 20 years. I've been through a lot of these natural disasters, but I've never seen this many in a short period of time.''

    Newly available surveillance video from a yogurt shop in Joplin -- where a Sunday tornado killed 120 people --  showed patrons making it to safety with just seconds to spare before the shop filled with swirling debris and destruction.

    Joplin survivor Rick Morgan said, "What I remember is like Armageddon. It's like, everything you think is real and solid is suddenly--everything is, like, blowing up.''

    With video editor Robert Leone