Tsunami Swirling in Ocean Off Coast of Japan - NECN

Tsunami Swirling in Ocean Off Coast of Japan



    (NECN/NHK) - The powerful earthquake that hit Japan on Friday has triggered tsunamis.

    You can see one in this video swirling off the coast.

    Tsunamis are a series of long ocean waves that can last up to 15 minutes and cause extensive flooding in coastal areas.

    Waves that hit the northern part of Japan engulfed towns...dragging houses onto highways.

    The National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for at least 50 countries and territories.

    Those include parts of the coastal areas in Hawaii, Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.

    The quake measured eight-point-nine and was the most powerful to hit Japan in at least 100 years.

    Inquiries concerning U.S. citizens living or traveling in Japan should be referred to the U.S. Dept. of State, Office of Overseas Services at: (888) 407-4747 or (202) 647-5225.