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Two Horses Euthanized After Barn Collapse in Somers



    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Conn.) - In Connecticut, there were at least five reported roof collapses across the state from the shoreline to the Massachusetts border. No one was hurt, but a horse did die after the barn it was in collapsed.

    This latest storm was lighter than the last, but heavy enough to add too much snow to what was already on the roofs that went down.

    Heavy snow across Connecticut overnight lead to some rude awakenings this morning.  The Kennedys in North Branford were jarred out of bed by the sound of their garage roof giving way under the weight of accumulated snow. 

    Kevin Kennedy, North Branford, CT: "My wife headed down to my grandson's room to check on him and I went to the kitchen and noticed our kitchen door was wide open to the garage so I went to check that out and noticed I could see all of outside."

    Jessica Kennedy, North Branford, CT: "I was just happy that everybody was okay.  That nobody had been in there."

    No one was hurt in any of the roof collapses across the state but two horses died after this barn in Somers gave way.  There were three horses inside at the time.  One was rescued fairly easily.  A second got out after debris was cleared away.  It had to be put down despite the best efforts of rescuers.

    Dr. Peter Conserva, Veterinarian: "One, unfortunately, had a broken leg.  It was really pinned in.  The decision was made to have it euthanized humanely."

    Only a section of the barn collapsed. The rest stayed up but firefighters were taking no chances with that part.

    Chief Gary Schiessl, Somers FD: "Other horses have been removed from this barn.  There is a whole second section of the barn.  We have removed those horses from the barn and the people, no one is being allowed within the building."

    It was a similar scene but without the tragedy in Portland where a metal building housing a waste transfer station collapsed.  No one hurt here or at another partial building collapse in another part of town.  All of this promted Governor Dannel Malloy to give this advice during a briefing on the cleanup from the state Emergency Management Center.

    Gov. Dannel Malloy, D-CT: "If you have roof, particularly if you have a flat roof on any portion of your house now is the time... Its warming up a little bit.  Its above freezing in many parts of the state.  Get up there and remove as much of that snow as you can."

    But this Wallingord collapse at Tri-state Tire belies the notion only flat roofs are vulnerable.

    "This is not a flat roof.  This is a peak roof.  Everyone's talking about the flat roofs but with the snow load that we have, the snow and ice load, its dangerous for every building whether its new or old."  

    In Hartford, the mayor has declared a state of emergency over the snow. The parking ban remains in effect until 8pm. The city budget of $730,000 is down to $300,000.