USGS: 2.4-magnitude Earthquake Reported Near New Bedford, Mass. - NECN

USGS: 2.4-magnitude Earthquake Reported Near New Bedford, Mass.



    USGS says earthquake hit just before 6pm (Published Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014)

    (NECN) - USGS confirms an earthquake shook the southeastern coast of Massachusetts Tuesday evening.

    According to USGS, a 2.4-magnitude earthquake struck 1 mile near Dartmouth and 2 miles near New Bedford, Mass. just before 6 p.m.

    Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency says there were reports of shaking, but no damage.

    "It's just a little shake and rattle, but obviously it was felt by residents in the south coast of Massachusetts ... so for them, it would be a little bit of excitement this evening," Dr. John Ebel of the Weston Observatory says.

    There's no pattern, even though the region experienced another small earthquake a few months ago. Dr. Ebel says the area the earthquake occurred in is not a known for having faults, but says it's not surprising for the Fall River-New Bedford to experience a small earthquake.

    Dr. Ebel also says it's "not impossible" for residents in the area to feel a similar-sized aftershock later Tuesday night.

    Did you feel the earthquake in the area of Dartmouth or New Bedford? If so, please call our News Desk at 617-630-5025 to share your story with us.

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