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Vermont Deals With Serious Flooding



    (NECN: Anya Huneke, Eden, VT) - Peaking out of the White Brook in Eden, Vermont, Wednesday was the roof of a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. A remnant of the strong storm that ripped through the area the night before.

    The owner of the truck, Rodney Gonyaw - was crossing this bridge on crooks road around 4:30 in the morning when it gave way-- weakened, most likely, by high, rushing water.

    The truck was submerged in the White Brook with the driver inside.  Fortunately .. he was able to escape through one of the windows-- and get to safety."

    Local and state crews were at the site Wednesday- consulting on how to bridge this gap for traffic.

    Meanwhile, other parts of the town and the northern third of the state were drying out after torrential downpours overnight. Since Monday, more than five inches of rain have fallen on far northern Vermont.
    As a result .. some lawns and fields resemble ponds, and rivers - such as the Gihon in Johnson - are behaving like rapids.

    Many of the roads that were closed due to flooding had reopened later in the day, baking in the midday sun, and the opressive humidity that has clung to Vermont this week. It was a precursor for the storms ahead... lying in wait in the forecast.