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Vermont Governor Declares State of Emergency



    (NECN: Jack Thurston, Grand Isle, Vt.) - In Northern Vermont, the surging levels of Lake Champlain continue causing damage. Thursday morning, the governor declared a state of emergency. "There have been 595 homes in Vermont that have been damaged," said Gov. Peter Shumlin, D-Vermont. "Three homes have been destroyed completely."

    One of Shumlin's biggest concerns is Grand Isle County. Towns here are islands in Lake Champlain, with water rising on all sides. Lake Champlain passed the 103-foot mark Thursday, leaving some roads covered. The governor fears if Route 2, the main road into the county from south, is compromised, it could cut residents off from the rest of the state. At the very least, that would make for incredibly long detours.

    "Hopefully this will work its way out and we can get on with life here in the islands," said Ruth Miller of North Hero, Vt. "It's just been incredible."

    The disaster declaration is precautionary. It puts the National Guard on alert that their manpower and heavy equipment may be needed if the situation worsens. And it could: Lake Champlain is not expected to stop rising until sometime Friday.

    Federal disaster officials are expected in Vermont Tuesday, to help the state pay for the public infrastructure repairs following all this destructive flooding.