Vermont Still Dealing With Significant Rain and Flooding - NECN

Vermont Still Dealing With Significant Rain and Flooding



    (NECN) - We are still waiting on official rainfall totals, but the wind gusts have been amazing for some people.

    The top five wind gusts recorded were as follows: Cedar Island, NY (115 mph), Fort Macon, NC (92 mph), Sayville, NY (91 mph), Hatteras, NC (88 mph), and Barrington, RI (82 mph). 

    There was epic rainfall across Vermont and parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut. The most rainfall officially recorded thus far is as follows: Shelburne, MA (8.5 inches), East Hartford, CT (8.18 inches), Bristol, CT (8.04 inches), Tolland, MA (7.9 inches), and Burlington, CT (7.45 inches).

    Vermont is still dealing with it, and there is significant flooding from lots of rivers.

    Southern new England is done with rain, but the wind is still cranking out of the south.

    There are currently significant wind gusts across much of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

    There is also widespread tree damage.

    There was a storm surge on the south coast of New England.

    Current wind gusts are still high in some places. Manchester, NH, is at 51 mph, 52 mph in Portland, ME, and in the mid-40s in Boston and Providence. Hyannis is at 63 mph.