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Victims of Lynn Roof Collapse Tell Their Story



    (NECN: Tom Langford, Boston, Mass.) - "We looked up and the whole roof was coming down on top of us."

    From the emergency room at Mass General, Cesar Jimenez and Peter Sullivan recount the moment the roof of this Lynn garage collapsed on top of the Honda Civic they were sitting in.

    "I asked peter, how do you feel? He said, I'm alive."

    Alive, but trapped.

    A steel beam was crushing the car.

    "We almost got crushed the roof of the car got almost this far from us and we just found a little way to breathe."

    "We could breathe and we could move around a bit but we couldn't open the doors or anything like that."

    The men did have a cellphone, which they used to call for help.

    "Thankfully and we had service, so we were able to tell them where we were and was able to… able to call home. So yeah, that was, yeah, because you don't know. You just don't know if you get up in the morning if today's your last day or not."

    For three hours, they sat together in darkness…trapped in a cave of rubble while rescuers worked to get them out.

    The men say, they got through it with their faith.

    "We were doing a lot of praying and we were both very emotional when we called our families and…we just held each other and did a lot of praying and trusting that God was watching out for us and he still has work for us to do…and we're here. I don't know what the building looks like and I don't know what my car looks like, but I don't think I can drive it - I'll tell you that."

    You can see they still have their sense of humor.

    Both men are expected to be released from the hospital today.

    From what I understand, that neck brace on Cesar is just a precuations.