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Warm Weather Causing Beach Boom in New England



    Warm weather causing beach boom in New England

    Ordinarily, beaches would be bare in March, but this spring weather has bikini-clad girls soaking up the sun (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Eileen Curran: Hull, Mass.) - Normally, the Nantasket Beach Resort in Hull, Mass. wouldn’t uncover its patio furniture for another two months, but with the summer-like temps, guests were asking to dine outside and the resort was very happy to oblige.

    Visitors from near and far are enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures.

    “I’m here to study American history.”

    Sarah Rey, 11, of Boulder, Colo. is on an “education vacation.”

    She’s learning about American history in Boston. But when her mom Kristen saw the forecast, she switched their reservations from a Boston hotel to the Nantasket Beach Resort.

    “We thought we’d better enjoy it while it was here,” said Kristen Rey.

    The warm weather is causing a business boom at a normally quiet time for beach resorts.

    “The weather has definitely been a bonus,” said the resorts director of sales, Steve Campbell.  “There’s been quite a boost in our business here even in February.”

    On Nantasket Beach this Thursday, bikini clad girls were soaking up the sun, while guys and their dogs braved the chill of the early spring water.

    Alvaro Ruiz moved to Hull from Spain. Shortly after the sun made its brilliant appearance over the beach Thursday morning, he was taking a dip, in celebration of spring.

    “The water is cold, outside is warmer....Unbelievable,” he said.

    Maria and Peter Simmons of New York are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary. They never expected summer-like weather in Massachusetts in March.

    “We kept looking online day to day for the weather,” said Maria.  “(We) got excited and said this is going to be great.”

    So, in addition to her history lesson, little Sarah is also getting a meteorology lesson, but don’t expect her to test the waters.

    “(I’ll) probably play in the sand maybe,” she said, “(but) not get in the ocean.”