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Warning for Boaters as Hurricane Earl Heads for New England



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Charlestown, MA) - The boats are bobbing in Boston Harbor, eager to get out into the big blue ocean this holiday weekend.

    But with Hurricane Earl headed up the East coast, the state's environmental police are not only gearing up for Labor Day boat traffic, but the stormy seas Earl may bring.

    Officer Matt Nardi said, "In addition to our regular patrols we're going to make sure that the port itself is secure."

    Lt. Gary Duncan said, "We're relocating some boats in strategic areas that we know that they're going to be in a safe harbor, we're hauling our smaller boats on trailers to make them available if we need them."

    They say it's important boaters and swimmers watch the forecasts and heed the warnings ahead of this fierce storm.

    "I think you always want to be safe especially on the water because you're adding different elements with the wind, the waves, there's a lot of potential there for damage," said Officer Nardi.

    Lt. Duncan said, "Well you have the surf and you have the undertow in the different areas along the waterfront and people have to be aware if they go in the water there is a strong under current and someone might not be there to help them."

    There have already been 14 deaths on the waters around the Commonwealth this year and the environmental police don't want to see anyone else hurt or killed.
    Bu they say there's only so much they can do to keep someone from going out as the hurricane approaches.

    "We can't stop them, but we advise them of the dangers and what could happen," said Lt. Duncan.