Washington Area Braces for Up to 30 Inches of Snow - NECN

Washington Area Braces for Up to 30 Inches of Snow



    (NECN/ABC) - TheWashington area is bracing for up to 30 inches of snow-- it would be thegreatest amount in almost 100 years.

    A dozen states, in all,are expected to get pounded...in a massive triangle stretching from Indiana toNew York and down to the Carolinas.

    Gov. Martin OMalley, D-Maryland:It is bearing down right on the 95 corridor and that's where we hear the

    snowfall will beheaviest namely where most of the population lives.

    By noontime, a mix ofsnow, rain, sleet, and freezing rain was already creating hazardous roadconditions. Multiple wrecks were reported on parts of the West VirginiaTurnpike.

    John Martin, WV Resident:I was coming home from work and it got a little close to the edge and it was reallyslushy. I didn't think nothing aboutit. So I gave it a little power and hit it man, and it sent me flying.

    And while those whoplanned to hunker down for the weekend loaded up on provisions.

    Wendell Scott, traveler:The airline changed my plans for me. They had an earlier flight that was canceled.So I had to hustle up and get here quicker to be on the safe side.

    The wicked weather thiswinter has already blown snow-removal budgets in

    Virginia, Maryland andDelaware.

    Here in DC, they havealready spent over 50 million, on a 26 million dollar budget for the entireseason.