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Weather Advice: Stay Where It's Warm



    (NECN: Jennifer Eagan: Boston, Mass.) - Stay inside if you can.

    State officials and weather experts are offering that simple advice and warning the public to find some warm place to stay as bitter cold sweeps the region.

    Other tips:

    * Never use an oven for heat

    * Do not leave portable heaters on while sleeping and make sure they are kept at least three feet from flammable materials.

    * Do not overload electrical sockets, and never leave candles unattended.

    Last night at Boston's Pine Street Inn, all 600 beds were taken as the homeless sought shelter from the bitter

    "People should exercise extreme caution and stay inside as much as possible," Massachusets Gov. Deval Patrick said.

    He also said that if you see someone outside who might be in distress to call 911 and report their location so public safety personnel can offer assistance.

    Temperatures are expected to rise slightly by Tuesday.