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Weather Week: Tornado Survivor Recalls Frightening Moments



    Weather Week: Tornado survivor recalls frightening moments

    Adrianne Balcom speaks with NECN meteorologist Matt Noyes in Monson, Mass. (Published Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

    It's Weather Week on NECN and meteorologist Matt Noyes is talking about severe weather preparedness and more.

    Noyes catches up with Adrianne Balcon, who survived a tornado in Monson, Massachusetts just under three years ago.

    "My son said turn on your TV and watch Matt...I could not get into my cellar, so I had to get into the bathtub...with my goldfish," says Balcon. "I was just hoping that the roof did not come off."

    "Monson Strong" was something that immediately came up in the forefront...the "Street Angels" went around and did people's laundry...they all did favors for each was just fabulous," says Balcon.

    Noyes says when a tornado hits, get into a basement or the lowest level of your home or building that you are in. Noyes says stay away from all windows.

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