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West Springfield Man Celebrating Second Chance at Life



    West Springfield man celebrating second chance at life

    June 1 twister leveled the Mass. man's building, killing a resident one floor below his; family lost everything (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Eileen Curran, Springfield, Mass.) –  All survivor stories are so special because of what they have lived through.

    A year later, they are still going and still going strong.

    This family was on the third story of a triple decker when a tornado pancaked the building, killing the downstair’s neighbor. This West Springfield man and his family miraculously survived and are now celebrating this second chance at life.

    This man knows how close he came to losing his life and his family one year ago when a tornado touched down last June.

    The man was on the third floor with his in law and two sons. They survived by diving under the table.

    They lost everything, except for the clothes on their backs, but they were alive.

    They received federal help to pay the rent and replace some of the material items they lost. He says they are doing well, but admits sometimes they painfully relive the day they almost died.

    His sons have nightmares and they all get nervous whenever the sky gets dark and cloudy.

    Eileen Curran has more on this story.