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Wide-ranging Storm Damage in Andover



    Update: 11:00 AM Sunday - with links and outage numbers

    Massachusetts National Grid Outages - 2,224

    Connecticut Light and Power Outages - 990

    (NECN: Tom Langford, Andover, Mass.) - The severe storms that moved through New England on Saturday uprooted trees, knocked out power and damaged homes in Andover.

    It seemed every street in town had a tree down, with residents walking around looking at the damage.

    On Avon Street, a huge tree toppled over, it's roots ripped off, the street broken apart. And when it fell, it fell right between two houses.

    "All of a sudden I saw branches coming at the window. It happened really quick," Jen Doherty said.

    She was looking out the window when this massive tree fell just short of her home in Andover.

    "We were very lucky," she said.

    The storm that blew through here around 5:15 Saturday evening was stunning.

    Across town, the damage was widespread.

    On Main Street the power was out.
    On Abbott street a house was crushed.  And on Kathleen drive, the fire department was call to Pam Sierra's the front yard.

    "Three trees were on fire and there's a few more down in the back of the yard," Sierra said.

    Around the corner, a massive tree rested across Chestnut Street. And when it fell, it pulled down power lines and power poles as if they were nothing more than sticks and string.  Ellen Davidson lives across the street.

    "It was fast. Powerful. And it blew as hard as I've ever seen anything well. And then it was over," Davidson said.

    And that's what everyone says, they can't believe how fast this storm blew through. As Jen Doherty said, it was here -- and then it was gone.

    "We had a ton of rain and wind and it was just a matter of minutes," Doherty said.

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