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Wild Weather Putting Damper on Halloween in Parts of US



    Wild weather putting damper on Halloween in parts of US

    A huge swath of stormy weather from Texas to Ohio is moving east (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Jay Gray) Thursday is the night kids across the country have been waiting for.

    It's Halloween and in several states, trick-or-treaters will have to wait one more day thanks to Mother Nature and the threat of severe weather.

    Potentially wicked weather rolling across the countries mid-section is putting a damper on some Halloween plans.

    Kids in dozens of communities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana have either moved it up a day or will trick-or-treat on Friday.

    "I don't think the kids think about it, as long as they go around and get candy I think they'll be ok," said one parent.

    The concern is a huge swath of stormy weather from Texas to Ohio that is moving east.

    The system slammed Kansas Wednesday, with driving wind, rain and hail strong enough to bring down power poles.

    Flash flooding is the problem in Austin, Texas, where several inches of rain have fallen.

    Fast rising creeks forced dozens of swift water rescues after hundreds of homes flooded.

    In Pekin, Ind., they know all too well the dangers of severe weather where the memories of a deadly tornado that swept through the community last year are still fresh.

    Parents there are more than willing to error on the side of caution.

    "you don't what to have those kids out, if something blows up you don't never no when it's going to drop one out of the sky," said parent Brian Sill.

    So how do the kids feel about it?

    "They are ok as long as they can go get candy. I like it better on a Friday than Thursday anyway because of school," parent Carrie Dalton said.

    The National Weather Service says 50 to 60 mile per hour winds are possible as families across the region brace for a scary night of weather.