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Winter Blast Hitting New England



    Winter blast hitting New England

    Worcester, Mass. residents prepare for snowfall with mixed emotions (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Worcester, MA) - With the first real snowfall anticipated in parts Massachusetts as we head into the first full weekend in December, there’s pretty mixed emotions over getting back into the season of snowplows and shovels.

    Worcester resident Sara Gonyou says, “Not ready for it yet, it’s too soon, I don’t want snow yet, it’s way too soon.”
    Carol Claios, also of Worcester said, “I don’t have to work tomorrow so I’m okay with that, we’ve got a Christmas party to go to so it’ll make it a little more festive as well.”

    Snow would have been a welcome sight at Worcester’s Festival of Lights, where rain kept skaters off the rink and sent Santa and his elves inside City Council Chambers to ask kids what they want for Christmas.

    Assistant Commissioner for DPW and Parks Rob Antonelli said, “Well it was really a tough call this morning and I think the City Hall made the right call on moving this inside, we were about getting ready to light everything and it started to rain pretty heavily.”

    Giselle Claios of Worcester said, “I think it would be more fun outside but I also like it inside since it’s more warm.”

    While some kids aren’t ready for the chilly temps that will accompany the season’s first snowfall…

    One little girl said, “No snow, no I don’t like no snow, too cold!”

    Others can’t wait to get out and play in it.

    A brother and sister excited for the snow said, “We play with snow, we love to make balls – snow balls – and we like to throw them at each other!”