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With Another Snow Day, Many Kids Had Big Plans



    (NECN: Lauren Collins, Manchester, NH) - The kids on Rumford Street in Concord, New Hampshire had big plans for their snow day.

    "Skating, sledding, and skiing," boasted Anders Norton as he and his friends piled into the family mini-van.

    All of that means dad had to shift his schedule around a bit.  "We got both working, how are we gonna manage the schedules?  But, you know, pretty much everything's stopped now," smiles a lighthearted Steve Anders. 

    For the rest of us, this second big storm in a week means less fun and more work.

    Matt Roney was shoveling outside his apartment.  "This is pretty ridiculous.  I don't like it."

    The young man delivering the mail on Rumford Street said, "It's very tough with the snow and the driving is very difficult.  It's slippery."

    Last Wednesday, Concord officially received 18.3 inches of snow, and was expected to get 8 more inches Tuesday.  That's a lot of the winter white to keep off the roads, says Highway Superintendent Jim Major.  "You can only push the snow back so far and then the street starts to narrow up."

    So after the roads and sidewalks are clear, trucks will have to come in and haul the mess away.  Where do they put all of that snow?  Public works brings it to Concord's snow dump, "then it just melts and sometimes in May or June is when it finally melts away," says Major.

    May or June.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?  Roney has his mind somewhere else.  "I'm thinking about another state.  Warm weather.  24/7."

    In the meantime, Concord's Public Works department wouldn't mind a little help clearing the sidewalks.  The postman would appreciate the effort too and asks, "Make sure that it's safe to get to the mail box."

    As the evening commute settled into southern New Hampshire, so did a thin glaze of ice.  Well maintained roads slow but passable, conditions that promise to worsen as the night goes on.