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Woman Struck by Lightning, Momentarily Paralyzed



    (NECN: Kenneth Craig, Rindge, N.H.) - A mother and her nine-year-old son were struck by lightning Friday night while heading to their lakeside vacation home.

    A bolt of lightning ripped through their campsite, creating a terrifying experience.

    "It was scary," Bonnie Mann said. "I couldn't move my legs. I was paralyzed for a period of time."

    The two are lucky to be alive after being struck at the Rindge, N.H. Vacation home. It was an almost one-in-a-million chance that they were struck Friday night.

    "It was a huge vibrating feeling," Bonnie Mann said. "[It lasted] long enough to wonder when it was going to stop."

    She said they held each other as they waited for help. Simon asked his mother if they would make it out alive.

    The mother and son, who were there with family vacationing from Switzerland, were taken to area hospitals and quickly released. They said all they have to show for their adventure are a few superficial burns and blisters. They are thankful for the way it ended -- without serious damage.

    The family has about a week left before they had back home. They said they will not be taking any chances with summer storms again.