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Worcester EcoTarium Animals Enjoying Special Frozen Treats During Heat Wave



    Worcester EcoTarium animals enjoying special frozen treats during heat wave

    All of the animals get a different popsicle to keep cool, including some with vegetables and others with fish (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN: Kristen Carosa) – It was a sweltering 96 degrees in downtown Worcester, Mass. Friday. Central Massachusetts is dealing with a week-long heat wave.

    Many are melting under the scorching sun.

    “It’s been about seven days now,” says Louis Torres. “It’s incredible. Way too hot to be out here.”

    As city temperatures approached record highs, people were doing what they have to do to fight the heat.

    “I have stayed inside,” says Al Martin. “I have run the AC non-stop.”

    But not everyone is complaining; some actually like it.

    “I'm just out here, enjoying the nice breeze and the weather that we are having,” says Frederick Haas, who has the right idea by staying put in the shade to stay safe.

    And, it's not just us humans that have to take it easy in this heat. Animals can also be at risk.

    “Definitely no car rides today in this weather, especially if there is a chance you would leave your pet,” says Nicole Auger, a wildlife keeper at Worcester’s EcoTarium. “Just have them in AC and relaxing if possible.”

    The EcoTarium staff is feeding all of their animals special treats, doing all they can to keep everyone cool.

    “Plenty of cool fresh water and we have been handing out cool treats,” Auger says. “Everyone gets a different popsicle.”

    Fresh fruit, vegetables and even fish is frozen into the treat.

    Porcupines enjoyed a sweet potato pop; otters like blueberry. Some even enjoyed a nice ice bath and sprays of water.

    But not everyone minds the heat; the reptiles thrive in the high temperatures.

    “My special friend Pablo, this is his absolute favorite type of weather; the higher humidity the better; he is from South America, so this is perfect in his eyes,” she says.

    Love it or hate it, everyone is doing their best to try to stay cool until the hot heat subsides.

    “Hopefully in the next few days it will cool down and everything will be back to normal,” Torres says.