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Worcester Residents Stay Cool in Extreme Heat



    Worcester residents stay cool in extreme heat

    UMass Memorial EMS is urging people to take precautions with the heat (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Mike Cronin) - It's day two of high heat, prompting many to cool off in Worcester.

    “After this wintertime, this is the best weather. I'll be here every day,” said Kerrie Putelis.

    Valerie Rebollo said, “I have the grill going, we have a lot of food. Keeping hydrated, have lots of water for the kids, they're having a good time running around.”

    Rebollo was among those enjoying the day at Regatta Beach. She had plenty of water and sunscreen. umass memorial ems deputy chief michael hunter says both items are necessary in the heat.

    UMass Memorial EMS Deputy Chief Michael Hunter said, ‘We're not used to being in the hot weather year. It's tiring. We get dehydrated quickly and you need to think ahead.”

    With the sudden arrival of hot weather, Hunter says it's a shock to many peoples' systems. He says UMass Memorial's EMS has responded to many calls dealing with shortness of breath.

    “I think it's attributed to both the weather with the heat and the humidity as well as the high pollen count. People are just having a hard time breathing.”

    Hunter says the most important tip is people need to pace themselves and plan ahead. He says to watch out for others.

    “Look for people that are confused or not acting appropriately. That's an early warning sign that they're having problems with the heat.”

    Hunter also says to be proactive and not put pets and children in danger.

    “Don't leave them in cars. It gets incredibly hot in the vehicles very fast now.”

    At Indian Lake, Yara Marquez was one of many parents taking their kids out of the house and finding relief.

    “It's hot and that's why we took the kids out. It was too hot; they needed to get some cool water, fresh air.”

    Marquez and others say as long as the heat remains, they'll keep returning to the water.

    “I think we're going to be here every day then. I think so.”

    “We've been waiting for a long time to actually come out and enjoy this weather and it's here,” said Rebollo. “We're going to enjoy it every day.”