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Worcester, Mass. on Pace for One of Worst Winters on Record



    Worcester, Mass. on pace for one of worst winters on record

    City already has 101 inches of snow and will get closer with Tuesday's storm to record snowfall of 132.9 (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Eileen Curran, Worcester, Mass.) – We’re getting a check on the conditions outside.

    Eileen Curran is in Worcester, Mass. where there’s no school Tuesday. It’s one of the worst winters on record for the city.

    This is a sight they have seen so many times this winter. Folks in Worcester know they are in the Massachusetts Snow Belt. If there is a storm in the state, the city is going to see snow, and it usually gets among the heaviest amounts.

    Plows are out, but it was a white-knuckle ride for our NECN crew, so keep your speed down and don’t go out if you don’t have to. You should plan for at least twice the travel time.

    Worcester has had 101 inches of snow so far this winter. The record snowfall for a winter was set in 1995-1996 with 132.9 inches.

    Worcester will get closer to that total Tuesday.

    Worcester has already had seven snow days. Tuesday becomes their eighth. They are scheduled to go to June 25 as of now.