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Wouldn't Be Sunday Without a Storm



    Storms are going off the east coast every 3-4 days now for more than a month. No faster do we say good bye to The New Year's Blizzard of 2014, do we say hello to another arctic blast. The thing is we are just recovering from the coldest January 4th since 1981, and we have a 12 hour thaw with ice & rain on the front side, then an inch of rain, then a flash freeze. This is going to leave a mark.

    First have a look at the blizzard now. Head's Up Ireland & United Kingdom, here comes a monster.


    Our Northeast Blizzard is down to 933 millibars (Hurricane Force) massive diameter, heading for northwest Europe.

    It left behind scenes like this, Jeff Simpson Photo Marshfield Massachusetts Jan 3, 2014.


    The Scituate Seawall suffered significant damage.. again.

    Zero degree air over forty degree Massachusetts Bay generated sea smoke at sunrise Jan 4.


    Tim Fater photo, Winthrop MA. Also January 4th.


    Greg Keeler photo, Canon Mountain NH. January 3rd.


    Now, we are dealing with a massive winter storm and chill.

    This is the most widespread area of snow and cold warning's I have ever seen.


    Even though we are on the warm side of this system, winter storm warnings are flying for New England. This is the third Sunday in a row with freezing rain in New England.