Warm Air Returns Next Week

There will be rain in New England over the weekend before the sun and warmth return


It was nice while it lasted. Clouds have increased today with even a few scattered showers or brief downpours across the interior. The clouds have been keeping temps in the 60's all day, meanwhile across eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, partly sunny skies have allowed temps to climb into the 70's to near 80. Cape Cod is in the 70's with a light NE wind today. A rare phenomenon!

A warm front lies west of New England today. It is the leading edge of warmer, more humid air which is trying to spread into New England. High pressure to our North in Canada is wrapping in the low level chill off the water with a persistent East flow. So we have a perfect overrunning pattern in place... with Warmer air lifting up over the colder air forming clouds and scattered showers.

The Next 24-48 hours are going to be a bit of a challenge with these cloudy cool and damp conditions. An upper low just west of New England will be shifting south Friday. Still, we will remain on the cooler side of the warm front with abundant cloud cover, scattered showers and cooler than Normal temps. Highs on Friday will only be in the 60's and Lwr 70s! Not exactly what we are looking for!

The weekend still looks dry but the unseasonal cool flow in off the water will remain. The upper low will pull just far enough off the coast that we will be moving into a drier pattern, with less lift and instability in the atmosphere. High pressure will begin to slide south from Canada and into Northern New England through the weekend. Saturday will likely still have some clouds to contend with as low clouds will likely become trapped under the warmer air aloft and cool NE Winds. Still, I do expect clouds to gradually break for some partial sun, especially in the afternoon on Saturday. Temps will remain cool, especially at the coast where highs will only be in the 60's to near 70 at the beach, 70-75 inland away from the cool ENE wind.

High pressure will continue to settle in over us for the long haul. Skies will become mostly sunny Sunday with temps in the Lwr-mid 70's inland, near 70 at the coast. An upper level ridge will be shifting eastward and finally developing on the east coast...something we have not seen much at all this summer! This will make for many days of sunshine ahead for next week (August 25-29) with temperatures finally having a chance to warm back up into the 80's before the month of August is gone.

The Climate Prediction Center has a forecast for above normal temps on the East coast for this time. The weather looks amazing. They are also predicting that the months of September, October, and November will average on the warm side. So a nice fall could be in the works! In case you are wondering...this winter is showing plenty of signs of cold...but we can worry about that later.

The National Hurricane Center is flying a reconnaissance plane into a tropical wave forming off the Windward Islands. It has a 50% of developing into a tropical cyclone. Our models have ahead a variety of potential tracks with this potential developing storm. It will likely either effect the Florida Peninsula or just stay out to sea and stay in the Atlantic. We will keep you up to date with any future developments. 

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